Who We Serve

At YOH, we believe in every person’s unique business journey. Your company should not only be secure in your growth, but it should grow on your terms. We know that businesses can prioritize humanity while also achieving their goals, so we take an interdisciplinary approach to helping small business owners increase their teams’ capacities. Ultimately, we empower you to create the businesses that you want to create, now and in the future.

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Sarah Carson

Founder & CEO, Leota

“Alice gets it. Her company functions as a legitimate arm of our company. Not the 1-800-HR that everyone hates, or the hyper tech enabled platforms that no one uses. HR is personal at my company and Alice balances the business needs with the individual needs of my team. She supports me and also tells me when I’m wrong. She understands our core values and company culture and helps me make decisions to support them.”

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Andrew Mellen

CEO, Andrew Mellen, Inc.

"First, I am consistently impressed with the company’s thoroughness and commitment to excellence. Second, which is less sexy, is about competence and reliability — it doesn’t sound as fabulous to be reliable, steady, and dependable but in a COO, those qualities are essential. It gives me as a client a sense of stability and comfort with Alice on the team. I feel I can go farther faster knowing Your Other Half has my back.”

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Kathy Zaltas

Owner & PResident, Zaltas Gallery Jewelers

“Alice not only has helped me define what needs to change in my business, but also has helped me clarify what areas are right with my business. She and her team have given us the WHAT and, most importantly, the HOW to change and to grow, on a business level and additionally on a personal level!”