Serving as your outsourced COO

and helping you hit those annual goals.

Inefficient systems cost your business time and money, making it difficult to generate new business because you’re constantly putting out internal fires.

We don’t just write processes and hand them to business owners — we’re there for the follow-through, ensuring that processes are enforced and working for your specific team.

Serving as your outsourced COO, Your Other Half is the operational partner to help you achieve your annual goals, giving you time back to do what you do best: run your business.

The Strength of Our Process

Small businesses have unique needs, so we provide unique services. As an outsourced COO, we typically perform one or more of the following functions:

  • We define processes and deploy internal communications systems to make your team more effective.

    As a business owner, you understand that inefficiencies and a lack of systems are costing you too much money. We partner with you to remedy the situation and increase your team’s capacities, so you can focus on generating new business.

  • We manage your team on your behalf.

    You realize that you’re spending the majority of your time managing your team, when you really need to be focusing on the business as whole. As your outsourced COO, we come in to help manage your team, supporting you and your employees in your business’s annual goals.

  • We help define and execute growth initiatives.

    You may have a certain goal for the year, but need more specificity to get the job done. Your Other Half is your partner in getting those initiatives off the ground so they can start benefitting your business.


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